Ok guys!! Answer this…. what kind of porn do you watch?


An Excerpt from “Dark Desires”


Dark Desires
Cheerleading practice was over, but she was still in her sweaty clothes. A sports bra and some tight little shorts that allowed her to be more flexible while practicing. She let him take her by the hand and guide her to the locker room. If there was anyone in there she was just die. Apparently the “arrangements” he had made worked.

She sat down on one of the benches and watched him undress. He had such amazing abs and she had been sooo dying to see what was in his pants. And die she did……. When he pulled down his boxers she was stunned and actually blushed. There before her was a beautiful 9 inch black dick. He was already half way hard. She had never seen a dick that size before. Her recent ex looked miniature in comparison.

“I guess what they say really is true.”

She reached out and took it in her hands. It was so thick and long that she could grip it with both hands and still had dick to spare…..